IBIT Dance Company to offer auditions for it’s pre-professional training program on September 10th!

REMEMBER: If you plan to audition you must register by emailing info@ibitdance.com

IBIT Dance Company offers a Pre-Professional training program for dancers at three levels of training!

The high intermediate/Advanced level of modern and contemporary dance program will include training in Modern Dance, Contemporary Dance and Repertoire, a professional alignment assessment and some individual work when preparing for an audition or performance. In addition dancers get the opportunity to go on tour and perform frequently. Master class instruction is offered a lot throughout the season.

The low intermediate level of modern and contemporary dance will include training in Contemporary dance, Modern Dance and composition. This program will also include a professional alignment assessment and individual work with students when in preparation for an audition or performance. These dancers will experience many performances as well as tours.

The introductory program begins to introduce the dancers to a more committed dance environment. The dancers gain a grasp on alignment, lifts, musicality and become ready to move into one of the more rigorous dance programs.

All dancers get to experience many of the rigors of a professional dance career in a controlled environment. The program is like a family.

The goal of the program is to provide high school and college and adult level dancers with the training and experience necessary to get into college level dance programs as well as dance companies inside and outside of college.

This year students in the low intermediate – advanced and the company will be working on three very distinct projects beginning with in depth work on a childhood cancer awareness piece.

In order to keep the level of the program high and pre-professional we will hold auditions and ask ALL students to apply and audition. Unfortunately, there is limited space and some students will be turned away. We encourage all students to re-apply each semester as their skill level increases.

Please contact Brenda Siegel for more information. Our first round of auditions for this season will be held on September 10th. All applicants must register for the audition ahead of time and fill out the application. There is no audition fee. Please contact us at info@ibitdance.com for more information