IBIT Dance Company focuses on explorations of Modern and Contemporary dance that celebrate its individual Members.  IBIT Dance Company offers pre-professional training for students at the intermediate and advanced levels of dance for high school, college and adult students.

Students in the training program study with world renowned faculty and are held to a high expectation of artistry and professionalism. They are exposed to many enrichment opportunities and experience touring. They perform at festivals throughout New England including the Southern Vermont Dance Festival.

Choreographer Brenda Lynn Siegel brings to the company a deep passion for making social and political statements through artistic expression as well as a strong understanding of body alignment, breath and artistic quality.  Siegel’s work exemplifies a deep knowledge and understanding of issues that effect our society today.  The work brings a balance of beautiful movement through modern dance and exploration through the use of poetry, sound design and video.

Siegel offers IBIT a deep knowledge and understanding of Modern and Contemporary Dance as well as Composition.  Their main goal through dance is to offer an outlet for artistic expression and an awareness of body movement as well as a place for students with strong dance aspirations to train in a professional environment.